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How Mulch Can Be Applied To Your Garden v1

One very useful and effective approach that gardeners can adopt to promote a healthy garden is mulching. This measure can be utilized in several areas including vegetable gardens and flower beds. The use of mulch can help to eliminate the presence of annoying weeds and helps soil to retain its moisture. Spend less time plucking up weeds, watering gardens and fighting pests when you use this technique.

Mulch For The Perfect Garden


When mulching gardens there are two basic types of mulch that can be used and these are organic or inorganic. Organic mulches usually consist of several different,\ materials including chopped leaves, straw, grass clippings, wood chips,sawdust and shredded bark and inorganic mulches are mainly comprised of gravel, stones, black plastic, and geotextiles. Both types of mulch can be used to discourage weed growth and improve soil quality but organic mulches gradually improve soil as they decomposes while inorganic mulches don’t.

If people are applying mulch to combat weeds there are two important tips they should consider if it is to be done properly and effectively. The first would be to lay down mulch on soil that is already weeded and the second would be to lay it down thick enough to discourage new weeds from reappearing. The ideal thickness of mulch should range from around 4- 6 inches when laid even though a 2- 3 inch layer normally suffices in shady areas where weed growth is not as prevalent as it is in full sun.

Mulching is also an easy way to keep soil cool and moist in dry conditions and reduces the need to constantly water gardens. It provides protection to plants in harsh cold conditions preventing the freezing and thawing of the soil as the gradual decomposition of materials help to generate minimal heat.

Organic mulch has low nitrogen content and should fertilize soil first with a high-nitrogen product such as blood meal or fish meal to boost nitrogen levels in the soil before applying mulch. Another important thing that gardeners should take care to remember is to keep mulch about an inch away from crowns and stems. This is because wet mulch that rests against the stems of flowers and vegetables can cause them to rot. So be sure that mulch is at the appropriate distance to prevent this from occurring.

To protect and maintain the ideal conditions gardeners should definitely consider mulching as an option it is easy to apply, saves time and encourages a healthy, nurtured, environment throughout any garden.  Contact us for more information.


Use a Weed Eater and Get Rid of Pesky Shrubbery

If your property is saddled with unsightly shrubs that just keep getting in the way of the rest of your landscaping or even your walkways, the solution is our weed eater service. Shrubbery has a tendency to overgrow in every which way, causing all sorts of havoc. This is a common problem that can be cleared up by our weed maintenance team.

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Do Yourself a Favor and Ally With the Weed Control Experts

Unruly shrubbery has the potential to ruin an otherwise beautiful yard. The weed control aficionados here at DK Landscaping know all the nuances about weed control products and weed control strategies. We will prevent wayward shrubs and weeds from overflowing onto surrounding components of your landscape. If you have any questions as to what the best way is to manage those pesky shrubs, do not hesitate to reach out to our experts. We know the ins and outs of weed control products as well as weed eating machines. Allying with our team has the potential to save you plenty of time, money and heartache.

Don’t Torture Yourself Attempting to Manage Shrubs by Hand

DK Landscaping has all the equipment that is necessary to get rid of those unruly shrubs once and for all. Too many homeowners make the mistake of trying to manage shrubs and weeds by hand. This is a waste of time and effort. You can trust our team to use our state of the art weed eaters to put an end to your shrub problem. It is a quite an easy solution compared to attempting to find a product that will keep those shrubs under control or using your hands to remedy the issue.

Our Weed Eater Equipment

DK Landscaping refuses to use anything but the highest quality metal blade edgers to trim shrubs and other aspects of customer lawns. This style of cut allows for superior precision and control to generate the cleanest possible cut. It is a stark contrast from our competitors who use string edgers that create wavy edges and ugly wide gaps. Such wavy edges and gaps look terrible and allow for conditions in which weeds and shrubs grow in all directions. You can rely on our shrubbery and weed experts to use our weed eaters with great care. Our team is well aware of the fact that these powerful machines move at speeds topping 4,000 revolutions per minute.

Shrub Beds are Quite Sensitive

There is absolutely no point in attempting a do it yourself (DIY) style shrub maintenance job in which you pluck shrubs/weeds out of the ground. Hand weeding actually leaves the roots intact so those annoying weeds and shrubs will keep on growing right back. Furthermore, using a low quality weed fabric will allow weeds to break through. Even attempting a DIY mulch job has the potential to exacerbate your shrub and weed problem. If you do not select the proper type of mulch, it will affect the soil’s warmth and consequently impact the growth rate of your shrubs.

DK Landscaping is Here to Help

You are not alone in your battle with these disorderly shrubs. When you ally with DK Landscaping to eliminate those pesky shrubs, you will no longer feel disappointed and annoyed when you look at your property’s landscaping. Our weed eaters will get right down to the core of the problem so you don’t have to invest one more second in shrub management. Reach out to DK Landscaping today to schedule a consultation and/or an appointment. We’ll discuss our services in-depth with you and provide a quote. Contact us today by dialing 707-280-3632.

Picking the Best Landscape Maintenance Services

Picking the Best Landscape Maintenance Services DK Landscaping Santa Rosa CALandscape maintenance goes well beyond regular lawn care in ways that might surprise you. For starters, if you’ve ever wondered why local parks and upscale homes look so great year round, the reason is probably regular landscaping.

From pruning and lawn care to a reliable irrigation schedule and weed-reduction services, a landscape maintenance company remains an affordable way to turn heads and quickly increase your home’s curb appeal.

Myriad Benefits of Landscape Maintenance 

Contracting out your landscape maintenance services, for instance, can increase your home’s resale value by over ten percent virtually overnight. A landscape maintenance company can also assist property managers lease space and offer a more professional face to the public.

A landscape maintenance company can work to expand on what’s already great about your home’s lawn and garden as well. Services like lawn edging, mulching and irrigation significantly enhance your home’s curb appeal and can give you more reasons to take daily pride in your home.

Pruning your home’s bushes and snipping overhanging branches are additional ways that a landscape maintenance company gives value back to homeowners. In short, a landscape maintenance company that can help you get your lawn, garden and walkway in shape is a win-win for you and your neighbors.

Unique Services Available to Homeowners 

If you’re somewhat fuzzy on the nuts and bolts of irrigation, mulching and the right watering schedule for your home’s soil and climate, then you’re just like millions of homeowners from around the country.

A landscape maintenance company, fortunately, has decades of experience testing for proper pH levels, installing and/or maintaining sprinkler systems, and removing weeds or unsightly overgrowth from your yard.

If a landscape maintenance company determines, for example, that your pH levels are out of whack, then a lime treatment can be used to get your lawn back on its feet.

This is all a huge boon for homeowners looking for a little extra time on the weekends as well as property managers who want to spend less time worrying and more time leasing space.

Interestingly, some studies even show that properly placed trees and plants can lower your HVAC costs by as much as one-fifth. This might seem shocking until you consider the heat gain during the hottest months – or the heating costs squandered to poor ventilation – due to a lack of shade around your home or commercial property.

From relatively simple jobs like mowing and mulching to larger projects like aeration and irrigation, a full-service landscape maintenance company is truly a one-stop-shop for all of your home’s landscaping needs.

Hiring a Landscape Maintenance Company 

Although you can probably find dozens of companies with mowers and leaf blowers in your area willing to provide simple services, a landscape maintenance company can provide more sophisticated services (e.g., irrigation) that bring experience and professional know-how to bear.

Many states even require that landscape maintenance companies have licenses before offering their services to the public. This coupled with the fact that a full-service landscape maintenance company can help with pest and weed control, sprinkler systems and pH detection makes this an easy call.

To reiterate, a landscape maintenance company can help homeowners and property managers in crucial ways – improving curb appeal, enhancing your home’s energy efficiency, and eliminating pests and weeds.

If you’ve always wanted a lusher lawn, contact the professionals at Xeriscape today for more information about a host of maintenance, repair and irrigation services.

Mulch About Fall

Did you know that mulching in the fall is just as important as it is in the spring and summer months? We mulch in the spring and summer months to suppress weeds, retain moisture and feed and warm the soil. However, when the temperatures begin to drop and the ground freezes, root systems can be exposed. The primary reason for winter mulching is to protect our plants from the harsh conditions of winter freezes, thaws and winds. Mulch acts as an insulator to balance the temperature creating a warm, heavy blanket of protection.

Neglecting to mulch in the fall can be damaging to your plants in the spring season. And the cost of mulching is nothing compared to the cost of replacing some of your favorite trees and shrubs. It also adds a beautiful aesthetic to your landscape in the winter months.

Using fall leaves as organic mulch is a great benefit to your landscape. They will break down over the course of the wintertime and create a layer of nutrients for your plants to draw from. Adding a layer of leaves over your perennials will help regulate soil temperature of the wintertime, as well as give new shoots a protective blanket as they enter the world in the spring.

DK Landscaping offers mulching installation in Sonoma County. Contact us for more information on the benefits of fall mulching (707) 280-3632.