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To keep gardens healthy and vibrant gardeners utilize mulching and it is one of the easiest and more commonly used methods in most gardens. Mulch is mostly available in two forms organic and inorganic and is mainly used to eliminate weed growth, lend additional support to plants and to help plants retain moisture. Mulch can be purchased from any gardening supply store or can even be formulated by gardeners themselves by recycling other products or materials.

Try Mulching!


If you mow your lawn the clippings of grass that remain can be converted to mulch. Grass clippings have a high nitrogen content and can be used to naturally fertilize plants but works exceptionally well to fertilize vegetables.

For gardeners who have enough compost this too can be used as mulch. Once it isn’t dried out compost is great for enriching soil but to ensure that it provides the necessary nutrients and remains biologically active another layer of mulch such as chopped leaves should be added to cover the compost.

There are so many different things found in and around gardens that can be used to mulch. Having said using straw or hay throughout gardens is another excellent mulching option. It has most of the benefits of other mulches while adding organic matter to soil as it decomposes.

Gardeners should keep in mind when using hay or straw to make sure it is weed and seed free when making applications. They should also ensure that it is not placed too close to stems to prevent attracting slugs and rodents.

Did you know that mulching a vegetable garden with sheets of black plastic film can do wonders? This is another neat, gardening and mulching alternative that has proven to be very effective where the black plastic transmits the sun’s heat to the soil beneath, creating a microclimate that is about three degrees warmer than a garden that does not have mulch applied.

Since the plastic film remains warm and dry fruits and vegetables are protected, they don’t rot and they are kept clean. As with other mulches it prevents weed growth and retains moisture however when using plastic gardeners should remember to punch holes so that soil can still receive air and that plants and seeds can be transplanted or sown.

As we may know some mulches come in inorganic forms as well. Gravel, stones, and geotextiles can all be used to mulch gardens. Even though some are of a hard or rough texture and do not filter nutrients into soil they still allow air and water through to the soil beneath while keeping weeds from coming up.

These are all great ways to recycle materials or products in and around gardens or homes as well as to help gardeners to save money. Mulching is great for plants and vegetables and promotes a healthy environment throughout gardens so if you haven’t already maybe it’s time you start as you don’t even have to buy it you can make it and apply it yourself.  Contact us for more information.


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