Protect Gardens In Winter By Mulching

Winter is just around the corner and its important to protect your garden from the most unbearable conditions. You want to do all you can to prepare and offer protection for when that time arrives. How do you protect gardens from the snow and ice? The answer is easy, mulching. In preparation for winter this practice is an excellent way to protect your plants during this cold period.

Mulching Helps Plants To Stay Warm In Cold Conditions


A responsible gardener would ensure that they mulch their plants as a preventative maintenance measure. Generally mulching plants in extremely cold conditions helps to provide an effective type of insulation that prevents them from freezing and thawing rapidly. It also serves to prevent plants from becoming shallow-rooted plants and bulbs caused when plants are lifting out of the soil which can damage delicate grafts.

If you experience brutal winters or nighttime temperatures below  20 F. (-8 C.) mulching plants in your garden may be the smartest decision.

Effective Winter Mulching Tips

Mulching is a great way to keep your plants active throughout the winter season and prevents them from becoming dormant.  For instance if active plants that aren’t mulched decide to put out new growth at this time there’s a possibility that plant tissues can become damaged by nighttime frost.  This can create entry points for many dangerous fungal and bacterial pathogens that are capable of causing serious harm to plants. In a nutshell mulching provides adequate protection to plants ensuring they bloom free of pests.

Gardeners can make use of a variety of organic materials suitable for winter protection including hardwood bark, straw, chopped corn cobs, grass clippings and pine needles. Nevertheless be sure to keep mulch at least one inch away from crowns and stems when making applications to prevent choking, damage or rot.

Gardeners should also take care to remember that organic mulches carry a low nitrogen content therefore before laying mulch you should first fertilize soil with a high-nitrogen product such as blood meal or fish meal to increase nitrogen levels in the soil.

Need Help With Winter Mulching? Dk Landscaping Inc. Is Here To Help

If you don’t know what to do or need help with your winter mulching don’t hesitate to give us a call at DK Landscaping Inc. at: (707) 280-3632 we’d be happy to come and give you a hand.

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