Effective Gardening Tips Part 2 – Which Type of Irrigation is Best

IrrigationIf you are a gardener, farmer or even a landscaper you understand the necessity of supplying your plants, gardens or crops with adequate water. Normally most gardeners use hoses or watering cans to water gardens but this is not always as effective because sometimes enough water might not penetrate the soil.  In addition it might not be sufficient to supply what plants really require. An effective way to tackle issues such as this is to install an irrigation system which will properly supply gardens or crops with an adequate and timely supply of water.

Different Types 

The basic concept of an irrigation system mainly entails water being obtained from a source and distributed in specific amounts equally and uniformly to each plant or crop. Different kinds used include high or micro flow irrigation, sub-irrigation, in-ground irrigation, localized irrigation and even automatic irrigation systems.

The systems mentioned are all utilized to best suit their specific purpose however the two most commonly used are the high flow and low flow irrigation systems. The first system delivers water to plants with a high flow while the latter operates with a low flow or drip.

Use A System That Best Suits Your Garden

If you are a farmer cultivating crops on agricultural land then the high flowing system would be more appropriate. With this type high water levels are used to flood and control the amount of water in each distinct field. It is also regulated by a series of slopes that enables a runoff of excess water.

With the low flowing or drip irrigation system water is transported and distributed to plants through emitters, mini rotors, micro sprays or drip lines in a dripping fashion delivering water directly to roots. Seen as a very efficient method, low flow irrigation utilizes less water and significantly reduces evaporation and runoff.

Over time methods have improved to better manage the different types of gardening done today so depending on the type of gardening that you practice, installing the type that is appropriate is the best way to ensure that plants or crops receive the water that they require.

We’re Here To Help!

If you are interested in installing an irrigation system in your garden but you don’t know what to do leave it to us we can come and install it for you. Here at Dk Landscaping Inc. we aim to provide the highest quality landscape and gardening services to clients. Our services are very affordable and we work with clients to manage any type of gardening environment give us a call at 707 217-6508 or contact us via email.

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